Tips for Men to Style Summer Wedding Attire

How men can style summer wedding clothes this Season

Summer can be a busy season for weddings, so you may want a few must-have Looks for each ceremony. Whether you are a witness, another member of the wedding party or just a guest having a great time, you can look fit and fresh with your choice of wedding outfits.

The key to men’s wedding fashion is to gather all the elements for a finished look. It is not enough just to put on a suit. From lapels and cufflinks to golden men’s bracelets that you rock as Accessories, the details matter. Consider this your guide to men’s wedding styles for the summer.

Tip 1: Choose your fabrics wisely

A summer wedding is getting hot. This is especially true if the ceremony and reception take place outdoors and you stay in the sun for hours. Look for lightweight and breathable fabrics that encourage your body to stay cool despite the heat. Many fabrics can be suitable for weddings, depending on the formality of the event.

If everyone wears sandals at the beach, opt for linen, Poplin or Chambray. If it is more an elegant wedding in a vineyard or a Country Club, you can choose Oxford or silk. Invest in cotton twill or woolen fabric if it is a formal wedding.

Tip 2: Consider the color wheel

Summer weddings are often a Chance to move from simple black suits to something more daring, colorful and expressive. You can wear almost any shade except white.

Monochrome and muted colors will help you get out of your shell without straying too far from Tradition. They also give you the greatest flexibility when it comes to adapting your clothes to your Accessories. A navy blue suit, for example, can be worn with light and dark watches and contrasts well with things like 10K gold earrings for men. It can also serve as a platform for all kinds of pouches.

Another Option is to wear brighter colors for a more fun and festive outfit. You can find all kinds of summer suits in colors such as coral, baby blue, light green or light yellow. If you don’t want to wear these colors as a suit, you can wear them as a dress shirt under a nice Blazer.

Tip 3: Drop the costume

One of the advantages of summer weddings is that they are more casual. Even if you opt for a classic or traditional dress code, it’s usually not black tie affairs that require Tuxedos.

This means that you don’t always have to wear a suit to a summer wedding. You can dress up while looking chic, elegant and suitable for the occasion. Think of things like sports coats and Tuxedos paired with collared shirts.

Another fun idea is to wear the three-piece suit, but throw some pieces aside. Pull the jacket over a chair and head to the dance floor wearing only the vest and the button placket.

Tip 4: Add jewelry

The right jewelry can add a visual touch to your wedding outfit without being too flashy or ostentatious on someone else’s big day. The trick is to fold your Accessories into your outfit and not vice versa.

For example, if you are wearing a suit in a neutral shade, you can use luxurious gold or silver jewelry for this. On the other hand, if you are wearing a shiny emerald suit, the addition of heavy or chic jewelry could give it too much shine.

First build your outfit. Add the jewelry later. Use it to anchor or balance your style while showing off your unique personality.

Tip 5: Experiment with patterns and textures

If you are a wedding guest who does not need to match a previously coordinated groomsman look, you can have fun with your outfit. You can experiment with all kinds of style elements, including patterns and textures.

The patterns are ideal for eye-catching outfits. Of course, you need to be careful not to overshadow the main pair, but there is nothing wrong with bringing a few peas. Other options include stripes, checks or tiles. You can even wear flowers as long as they are not too overwhelming to the eye.