Tips to Style an Outdoor Wedding Reception

Outdoor wedding receptions are the perfect place to create a romantic setting for your special celebration. You have the opportunity to create something magical, and there are no rules that say that you must have a specific theme. The only restrictions are the weather and the ground conditions, but fortunately they are quite easy to bypass. If you’re looking for ideas or just looking for Inspiration to bring your Vision of the big day to life, this guide includes Designs and decorations that could be the golden egg you didn’t know you needed.

A picturesque English garden

This is a theme that really allows you to give it your all, and there are also many options for a range of budgets. The wedding breakfast could take place on picnic blankets with baskets for each table, and the guests would be informed of a more casual theme. Install a beautiful metal garden bench or even a dozen depending on the number of guests, because traditional English metal garden furniture is a great way to establish this theme and also serves a functional purpose to support the comfort of the guests. There should be a lot of beautiful flowers in soft pastel shades and also consider placing a heated shelter to avoid the cold or rain.

Traditional Coastal Vision

There is also a choice of places to organize a wedding reception on the beach or nearby. In addition, nothing prevents you from approaching the theme of the sea, even if you are far from the sea and the sand by setting up a makeshift beach or renting one from a supplier. This theme is open and you have all kinds of options when it comes to the wedding breakfast, although the most obvious choice is a rental of mobile Fish & Chips vans, as well as a choice of seats for the guests to sit and enjoy their meal together. The decorations are simple, as the seashell glass fairy lights, the traditional pennants, the seaside candy stations and the bucket spade combinations are all economical and accessible.

Rustic Forest Atmosphere

Another classic outdoor theme will always be the rustic atmosphere of the forest. Whether your event takes place specifically in the woods or not, there is a lot you can do to make it just as magical. Fairy lights will be your best friend here, as will jute ribbons and wooden elements. As for food, there are a number of options from a long table that can accommodate all your guests, which are then served with a traditional stew or similar to renting a Food Truck or two for a more casual approach. The cake also easily matches the theme, with a rustic stand and dried flower decor to bring it all together. There’s something so peaceful about being among the trees, so it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular theme for outdoor weddings.

Whichever topic you choose, make it a reflection of what you like and how you want to start the first stage of married life together. It’s a celebration, after all!