Ways for Smooth Wedding Reception

We all know how symbolic and emotional a wedding ceremony is, but it is at the wedding reception that the fun begins. There is good food and conversation here, and probably the room that guests will remember the most.

Cocktail hour

On average, a reception lasts between 4 and 5 hours, so break it down a bit and get people in the party mood with a few rounds of Cocktails! It’s a great party starter because people start mingling for the first time after the ceremony, so why not give everyone a little free-flowing fun while they’re doing it?

At this time, the bride and groom will have their professional photos taken.

Lounge area

Before you get too tipsy, it’s time to prepare your guests for the wedding breakfast. Once everyone has found their place, set them all up the first time you enter the room as a married couple.

Design the reception room beautifully with flowers and beautiful table decorations for your guests, work with the theme you have chosen, decorate those tables, walls and photo booth with such decorative treasures, colorful table lamps that create a cozy atmosphere, and of course, themed snacks and munchies make way for the main dishes.

Depending on how you want the evening to go, you can also have your first dance before the meal is served. Alternatively, you can do this before the disco starts.


Toasts are one of the most anticipated moments of the whole day. This is traditionally the time when the father of the bride and the groomsman reflect on the happy couple, tell tearful stories and throw a lot of roasts (usually at the groom’s expense) along the way.

Although it is traditionally the men who make the Toasts, you can ask anyone to say a few words about your union. It could be your mother, your bridesmaid or someone who is not at the bridal shower.

On the dance floor

If you are a fan of formal dances, eliminate them first before everyone huddles together to spend the night. Hire a band and a DJ, the band playing floor Filler for a few hours before the DJ parties in the wee hours of the morning.

Make sure to choose music that reflects both of you as a couple, while adding a few Rangers that will appeal to all party goers.


If you are a fan of a dramatic Hollywood outing, rent a luxury car to drive the two of you into the starry night at the end of the night. The guests will remember this for a long time after the disappearance of the car.